Threats of the 6th World

 The White Regime
Leader: Frank White
Born of one man's will, the newly proclaimed "King of Seattle", The White Regime has become the largest criminal empire in Seattle. Starting off with just a combining of 3 of the cities largest urban gangs, the Regime now includes a countless horde of people from all walks of life, professional and criminal. Frank White, however, has spent millions of Yen to improve the lives of the impoverished masses not only to endear himself with potential members but also to keep a semi-legitimate face to his empire. The White Regime has enough power and money to not only evade any legal concerns but to eliminate any challenges that sit before them. To that end, Frank is ruthless in his pursuit of power.
Threat Level: 10 of 10

The Doom Brigade
Leader: Gorehound
Full only of Ork and Troll, The Doom Brigade (TDB) seeks to assert their racial dominance across the globe, but starting with the western territories. Numbering in the thousands at this point, TDB focus on the most extreme acts of violence one can think of. The more public the spectacle the more satisfaction derived, and the group seems to enjoy the media attention they get as a result. Its impossible to list all of their assets at any given moment due to the careless, almost chaotic nature of the group and their not-even-the-devil-will-care attitude on all things. No crime is beneath them, so long as someone gets hurt. If that someone was turned into a red mist, all the better. Warning to non-trogbloods: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEAL WITH THIS GROUP!
Threat Level: 9 of 10

The Carrion Crows
Leader: Chaska, "The first born son"
Able to trace his roots back to the initial gathering that brought about so much strife and change, Chaska leads a massive group of natives that want nothing more than to claim mother earth back as their own. With magic capabilities that still remain unmapped, they are more than capable of laying a valid claim to power. While the Crows care little for the racism that exists between the awakened and mundane races, they tend to focus on tearing corporations down and reclaiming more of mother earth for themselves. The Crows utilize a vast collection of antique war vehicles in their battles, giving them a terrible militaristic face that tends to overrun most threats.
Threat Level: 8 of 10

Leader: Omen
One might think it coincidental that "7" reaches the 7th rank on this chart, but "7" is anything but coincidental with anything they do. Having only just shown up within the last 6 months, they have managed to cause enough destruction and mayhem throughout the northen continent to be considered a major threat. Nobody is sure where the name comes from, only that after millions of Nu-Yen in damage has been done, a single number is etched into a building or ground and left burning ... a "7". The last report of the report in Boston was of torrents of flame and acid that spread from their fingertips, burning and melting everything in front of them.
Threat Level: 7 of 10

The Bagellos
Leader: Guido Bagello
Despite only suspected to be under a dozen members, the Bagello crime family is less into crime and more like professional hitmen. They don't do robberies, scams or wanton destruction. They aska hefty price for each target but promise a public or private end to your desire and have yet to not deliver. In the last year, the Bagellos have been responsible for the deaths of 2 mayors, 2 governors and at least a dozen high ranking corporate executives. They are suspected to be based out of Seattle but have completed jobs from all over the world. Authorities have never even caught a visual glimpse of any member, making tracking them down impossible.
Threat Level: 6 of 10

Leader: Azman Grack
Composed entirely of Azzie blooded men, E.T.D is a small army of militarily trained malcontents who believe that a greater evil lurks over the horizon. They are aiming to cause as much death and destruction as they can, which they believe strengthens said evil. E.T.D is an acronym for "Embrace the Demon," symbolising not only the wreckless style of life they live but also the belief that whatever being they think soon to emerge will require unconditional dedication. Having grown up amidst the throes of war, all members are overtly skilled in combat and like magic, making them exceptionally difficult for any sort of law enforcement to deal with, to say nothing of their 2,000+ member base.
Threat Level: 5 of 10