The Bull

Real Name: Osirek
     Street Name(s): The Bull, W*A*R (of the 4-Horsemen), Lt. "O"
     Race: Troll (Minotaur Variant)
     Archetype: Soldier

     Lifetime Karma: 256
     Lifetime NuYen: ¥6,500,000

     Legal Status: Registered Corporate Citizen (Ares), Law Enforcement Division

     Current Status: Leader of a H.U.R.T team for Ares, Seattle

     The Bull started off as a soldier for Aztechnology in their war against Amazon but found he could
     not deal with the disregard for life that the Azzies brought to every aspect of business. War is
     one thing, but you should look out for your own. After disobeying orders he served 5 years in a
     hard-labor prison. Once released he got working in the shadows where his bloodlust and size made
     him a natural.

     When he first started running he was full of lust for battle and the surge of adrenaline a good
     fight brought, making snappy one-liners that mocked his victims. He was always first into a fight.
     Now that he's run for so many years and watched so many friends and colleagues die, he has mellowed
     out enough to think before acting. Still short tempered, he has learned to control his actions when
     upset. Instead of looking out only for himself, he now focuses on keeping everyone in his team alive.

     Typically when not on duty, he is seen wearing military-style camo pants and a black or green tank
     top with matching black boots. When on duty his enemies only see a colossal figure clad in SWAT gear
     behind a massive ballistic shield. Unlike some of his kind, he keeps his natural fur combed and clean
     while the horns remain undecorated or marred. The only piece of jewelry he ever wears is a silver
     cross to remind himself of those he's lost, though he's not religious.

     Warden Ray Wallace (Former military commander now in charge of Seattle's largest prison)
     Frank White (King of Seattle)

     Cheshire (CEO of S.T.A.R corporation, now defunct)
     Labrat (Shadowrunner Legend, Native Indian Street Samurai)