The Bull

Real Name: Osirek
Street Name(s): The Bull -or- WAR of the 4-Horsemen
Archetype: Tank

Lifetime Karma: 256
Lifetime NuYen: ¥6,500,000

The Story So Far:
Osirek's story really begins when he joined Aztechnology's fighting forces that were deployed to the Amazonian jungles. There he would spent 2 years in the sweltering heat under the trees, constantly fighting off the violent locals defending their homeland from the oppurtunistic invaders. In that time he rose in ranks to be an acting Lieutenant, reporting to one Commander Adrian Percy. The war started to go bad and Osirek saw more and more of his comrades dying horrible deaths and began to suspect that something was wrong with the whole conflict.

On what would turn out to be his last mission, he was ordered to take a squad and investigate a suspected camp for the Amazonians. Though he attempted to argue the logic of why the location would have been a bad camp site his training to follow orders took over and he lead his men to the site in question. The enemy had setup an ambush for anyone who came into the area and hit the troop with everything they had. Osirek watched all his men die before narrowly avoiding a direct hit from a LAW rocket. The ensuing blast took his right arm but left him looking dead to his enemies.

When Osirek came conscious he returned to camp and was reveled as a hero. His missing limb was replaced using the very best technology Aztechnology could bring, making him a better soldier than when he had entered. Though the operation took weeks to heal he continued to feel the rage burn in him from how Commander Percy had sent him and his men to die by refusing to listen. Once returned to the jungle war camp, Osirek made straight for Percy and proceeded to beat him to within an inch of his life in front of the entire camp before a pair of Aztech Jaguars pulled him off and subdued him.

He would wake up some time later to find himself in the infamous (and publicly secret) Aztech prison pit, Amalla. He would spend 2 years performing hard labor in the sun, unable to break out until he was finally put on a plane and flown back to Seattle where he was put in a troll-unfriendly prison. He wondered what had meritted the change until he discovered that Commander Percy had left the Aztechnology conflict and joined a private prison corp and he had requested Osirek personally.

For the next 5 years Osirek fought his way through Humanis Members and Racists that wanted nothing more than to see him die violently. Despite this, he held the record for longest number of prison fights undefeated up to the day he was paroled (quite by accident) and released into the city of Seattle. He found that the city was not designed for people of his size and that someone was always looking to hire big goons to scare someone into doing something, so he turned to the shadows to make some money.

After a few failed groupings with other runners, Osirek found himself paired up with a group that seemed not only to accept him, but to understand him. His new friends Cheshire and Lab-Rat treated him with respect and treated him like a friend ... something he had not felt in ages. The group stuck together through countless missions and made a substantial name for themselves in the streets and Osirek adopted the man known as Cheshire as his best friend. He would eventually serve as Best Man at Cheshire's rather unusual wedding.

Unfortunately, a conflict arose between Cheshire and the owner of an urban nightclub soon thereafter. After heated words, Cheshire ordered Osirek to go down to the club and cause as much death and destruction as possible. Cheshire would return home that night to learn that his friend had been shot dozens of times but had the strength to pick himself up and return to warn of an impending attack. When Cheshire and his team finished defending themselves they found Osirek lifeless.

Osirek's next memory is waking up in a coffin. Enraged and confused he tore his way up through the box and the earth into cold Seattle rain. There he found a smiling Cheshire and a much prettier Lab-Rat awaiting his return. They spoke of reforming their group but this time with a new purpose. They would change their names to match those of the four horsemen and no name would be more suited for Osirek then WAR.

Years passed before Osirek caught the attention of a cheezy trid-director who took the Bull in and convinced him to make a low-budget film ... and so "Cowpocalyspe Now" was born. While most reviews butched the film for being what it was, the film still managed to develop a cult following of over-the-top action lovers. Using his own money at this point, Osirek went on to write/direct and star in "Cowpocalyspe Now II: Udder Destruction" and "Cowpocalyspe Now III: Bovine Intervention". Again, all films were destroyed in reviews but his mark had been made.

Osirek helped his friend, Cheshire, start a corporation that leased out mercenaries (ex-runners) but found himself spending too much time as a paper-push and so retired from that as well. During this time he met and became engaged to a young mercenary woman who went by "Blaze". The relationship didnt last long, though, as she seemed to lose interest in him as he became more docile from his newfound inner-peace. Realizing that he had to get active again or sit and watch his arteries harden, Osirek joined Lone Star and currently works as a "Heavy Urban Response Team" leader.

Details: TBD