Mission 003: A Cross to Bare

Run Date: July 16, 2075
Completion: 100%

Employer: Ronnie Bagello
Target: A specific gold cross necklace
Location: Renton, Seattle

Major Threat: "The Night Hunters" gang (Heavy body modification and Racist group)

Crimes Committed:
Assault (3 counts)
1st Degree Murder (5 counts)
Magical Malfeasance (5 counts)

Fetch and Hand are contacted by Ronnie Bagello who needs their help. He tells them that while brokering a deal, some gang had the nerve to hold him and his potential client up and steal thier money, jewelry and commlinks. The only item he's really concerned about is his prized gold cross necklace ... a gift from his brother and a symbol of his membership with the Bagellos. He needs it back within 7 days.

Using what little information Ronnie is able to provide, the group heads to "The Italiano" in hopes that they might know if some people matching the description they were given have been lurking around lately. They engage the maître D and discover that the Italiano is ran by the Carniello family. They know a lot about their area and provide information about a place known to facilitate a lot of muggings.

On their way out from the club, they are assaulted by some young up-and-coming Yakuza take offense by their presence and challenge them to a street brawl in the open. Winner takes a souvenier from the other team. The group agrees and manages to beat them with some effort. The PC's lay claim to the sleek new Mercedes the Yakuza drove to the fight.

Down the road, the group stakes out an alley from atop a building and don't have to wait long before the group responsible for the mugging shows up ... five members of a gang called "The Night Hunters". A fight ensues and the group question the 5th and final living enemy before killing him, too.

Following the info they were given, the group visits a local 'Ask No Questions' kind of Pawn Shop called "Leroy's Jewelers" and find the cross they've been missing. They also offload some of the Night Hunters gear they took as spoils.

Additional Rewards:
New Contact: Leroy Williams (Pawn Shop Owner) Loyalty 2 / Connection 5