Mission 002: Areterio Must Die

Run Date: July 08, 2075
Completion: 100%

Employer: Guido Bagello
Target: Stefan Areterio
Location: Renton, Seattle

Major Threat: Stefan "Golden" Areterio, Made Man with the Pirelli family

Crimes Committed:
Assault (2 counts)
Destruction of Private Property
First Degree Murder (2 counts) Magical Malfeasance

Ronnie's brother, Guido, calls Fetch and asks him to provide some low-grade wetwork on a man named Stefan Areterio, a former friend to the Bagello family. It seems that Stefan befriended then betrayed Guido's brother, Tony, shooting him in the back of the head and running off with his pair of gold plated Ares Predators. Ronnie has also enlisted the help of a new face to help them schmooze through people who can't (or shouldn't) be shot.

The group asks around to see where Stefan might be found and learn of a brothel that he frequents. Travelling out to find it, they see him and some body guards standing out in front of house a block away from the brothel and assume that it is his own personal flat. After he has left in his car, they break into the house only to learn that Stefan has an illegal deep-weed package plant in here. The group kills all the on-site help and pocket all the weed with plans to sell it later. They also take the time to write a bloody warning on the wall for Areterio.

Note: The mission essentially ended there for many weeks as Stefan assumed it was a rival gang and went underground. The following summary happened about 5 weeks after the above scenario.

On a whim, the group swings by Stefan's old brothel hoping to find him there and are rather shocked when he is actually on-site. They immediately engage and Stefan is brought down by a flashy display of magic from Goldie.

Additional Rewards: