Mission 001: Into the Shadows

Run Date: July 02, 2075
Completion: 100%

Employer: (none)
Target: (none)
Location: Stuffer Shack in Renton, Seattle

Major Threat: "The Feminine Wilds" an all-girl gang

Crimes Committed:
Assault (2 counts)
Assault with a Deadly Weapon (3 counts)
Destruction of Property
Magical Malfeasance (2 counts)

The two runners were sitting at a Stuffer Shack in the ugly part of Renton, trying to enjoy a microwaved burrito and a soykaf when a ritzy looking fellow pulled up in a flashy red sports car and entered to buy some wine. It was obvious that the man was outside his element. He had 4 bottles in-hand when the Stuffer Shack doors burst open.

In walk 3 females dressed in leather and carrying hammers and one emaciated looking bald guy with a knife. They mock the clerk at the register (behind bulletproof glass) before seeing a new target ... the man with the wine. They slam him up against the freezers and demand he give them all his belongings. The man half-smiles in nervousness and looks at the PC's with pleading eyes.

Fetch steps up and tries to talk the girls down, but the situation turns violent when they decide they dont want to listen to him. While Fetch is willing keep things simple with fists, Hand pulls out his heavy pistol and starts shooting at the girls, seriously wounding 2 of them before a large female troll enters to join the fight. A pair of bullets puts her hurt, but not dead.

Fetch allows the troll girl to carry the injured girls out and even offers to help heal their wounds, which they refuse. The man with the wine introduces himself as Ronnie Bagello and rewards the crew with a wad of bills. He takes note of their contact info and promises to hit them up soon for work before paying for his wine and speeding away.

The pair do thier best to clean up the area before leaving. On their way out, Fetch tips the cashier a large bill in understanding that they were never there.

Additional Rewards:
New Contact: Ronnie Bagello (Negotiator) Loyalty 2 / Connection 7