Real Name: Summer Brayden
Race: Human
Street Name(s): Firebug
Archetype: Mage Face

Lifetime Karma: 128
Lifetime NuYen: ¥1,500,000

The Story So Far:
Born the daugher of a wealthy man, Summer excelled at all things in school. She carried a perfect GPA, played soccer and was a cheerleader. She was on course to graduate with honors from high school until she discovered a morose guitar player in a back-alley bar.

The artist would grow to be a well-known runner by the name of Mr.J. Before he was that man, however, he was a young man who had abandoned all joy in life and sang dark lyrics that spoke of the levels of his depression. When Summer met him she immediately felt the need to try and rescue him.

In the weeks that they dated she began to realize that his scars ran deeper than her capabilities to help. Without realizing it she had started to fall down a similar hole. She started missing school, talking back to her parents and even drinking alcohol.

On her 18th birthday as her father prepared to gift her the first vehicle she was to own, she awakened and accidentally set her parents house ablaze. Feeling ashamed for her act she tried to retreat to the arms of Mr.J but he was gone ... lost to the shadows somewhere. She started to learn to control her magical powers and sought out to find him by taking on similar dark jobs.

After 6 years of running she happened upon a modeling contract and retired from the dangerous pastime she had known for so long.