Positive Qualities

The character has a trained animal companion who is loyal only to the character.
This power does not necessarily mean that the animal/critter will understand given commands.
The character also gets +2 dice on all animal handling tests with this animal type.
The cost of this quality is up to the player, and that cost dictates what kind of animal is available.
        05: Small creature ... This would include Ferrets, Rats, Cats and Birds
        10: Medium creature ... This would include Dogs, Wolves or Foxes
        15: Large creature ... This would include Tigers, Lions, Panthers and Horses
        20: Small Paracritter ... This would include a TalisCat, Hypno-Snake or Imp-Spider
        25: Medium Paracritter ... This would include a Hellhound, Barghest or Devil Rat
Also note that his quality does not give the character LEGAL rights to own or display the animal.
Permits would still be needed for both small and medium creatures, but all others are strictly illegal to own privately.
This karma cost is not refunded if the animal dies, the quality is simply erased at that time.

The character has seen his fare share of firefights and combat, so much so that he is now far more clear headed than most people in battle.
The player may ask the GM's advice about tactics and/or probability of success of maneuvers during combat.
This quality can only be used once per combat.

You hold a legitmate bounty hunter permit, provided you have a legal SIN.
This grants you a legal permit to carry/use non-automatic pistols, shotguns and restricted cyberware.
You may also legally detain a person if they have a current warrant/bounty on their head.
You will also occasionally receive jobs from local governments.
However, Shadowrunners who know you have this quality will be on edge when in your presence.

The character works as an agent for one particular corporation or government which must be chosen at the time of purchase.
That corporation has come to trust the character and sends a good stream of work to them.
Any interactions made with representative from the corporation will receive a +2 dice bonus.
Any interactions made against the corporate will have harsher-than-normal results, determined by the GM.

As a caster, you have prepared your mind to be ready for magical attacks more than most.
Normally you must take an initiative penalty to declare counterspell targets in mid-battle.
With this ability you make a normal suprise test when a spell is cast at one of your allies/team mates.
If you succeed on the suprise test [3] then you can counterspell for that person without initiative penalty.

EVIL EYE (7 Karma)
The character has a sinister look to him and people think he is a bad, bad man.
Rather its an unblinking gaze or a casual glance that sends chills down someone's spine, this covers them all.
Targets you are attempting to intimidate suffer a -2 dice penalty to resist.

When making a social test against a member of the opposite sex you gain a +1 dice bonus and a +1 Social Limit.
When dealing with the same sex, your bonus is reduced to just a +1 to the dice pool.
A characters Charisma must be at least a 5 to get this quality.

The character is going to change race but has not yet goblinized.
This event occurs at the GM’s discretion, and specifically at a time of great stress.
The character is instantly rendered unconscious with all normal physical and stun boxes filled up.
The GM will randomly determine the race.

TRIVIA WIZ (5 Karma)
The character seems to have the ability to recall tons of useless facts.
For example, the characer is able to recall all state capitals, actors who played on that show and more.
This quality grants a +2 die pool on any memory tests and Knowledge skills against old and obscure information.