Negative Qualities

All Thumbs (+5 Karma)
The character is at a +1 threshold on all manual dexterity tests. Trolls are often subject to this flaw. The character is also prone to drop/break small delicate items

Butt Ugly and Knows It (+5 Karma)
When making a social test against a member of the opposite sex you suffer a -1 die penalty and your Social Limit is reduced by 1. When dealing with the same sex, your penalty is reduced to just a -1 dice pool penalty. A character's Charisma must be 2 or less to get this quality.

Conformist (+3 Karma)
The character has a tendency to go along with what everyone else is doing and will rarely attempt to got against the majority. The character must succeed in a Willpower[2] test to go against the trend.

Contributing to the Cause (+5 Karma per level)
The character must 'donate' 20% of there earnings (per level) to an organization or person. Many shadowrunners often find themselves paying 20% of their earnings to the local mafia to keep them off their backs. Failure to pay can result in drastic consequences. IE, Â…does swimming with the fishes mean anything?

Cop Gone Bad (+12 Karma)
You were once an undercover operative for some organization but began to like it too much. You are now actively hunted by the organization which hired you. Shadowrunners may also have a hard time believing you've gone bad after all no one ever leaves the company! On interactions with people who know your sorted past, you receive a -4 dice pool penalty on every social interraction and any CON attempts automatically fail, in the face of them not trusting you. Not even a little bit.

Gunslingers Code (+10 Karma)
You cannot shoot someone in the back. Before you fire a gun at someone you have to make them fully aware of your presence. This means ambushes and sniping are out of the question for you. Additionally, you will not shoot someone who is unarmed.

License to Practice (+8 Karma)
The character has a legitimate license to practice thaumaturgy (magic) for purposes such as magical healing and security. To qualify for this edge the character must have a relevant skill of at least rank 3 -AND- must possess a real non-criminal SIN. This quality allows a starting character to bypass the $25,000 fee for registering. This is a negative quality because the character's astral signature is on file, as is their standard SIN information.

Obesity (+9 Karma)
The character is seriously obese and suffers a -1 to agility tests, but +1 dice on damage resistance rolls. The character also receives a -2 modifier on any athletic checks (such as Running, Climbing, Gymnastics, etc) and movement rate is reduced to (AGI x 1) for walk speeds and (AGI x 3) for sprinting.

Sociopath (+10 Karma)
The character shows no feelings or emotions when it comes to killing. In fact killing is such a normal act to the character, they must make a Willpower[3] test not to kill a person if it seems the coldly logical thing to do.

Squeamish (+5 Karma)
Character must make a Composure[3] test on the sight of blood, guts etc or suffer -2 to all dice pools for xD6 minutes (where x is 3 minus net-hits)

Undercover (+12 Karma)
You're a reporter, cop, G-man or company man, undercover in the shadows looking to infiltrate them to gain information. Your loyalties truly are to your employer and after a set amount of time your handler will call you in. It's obvious that if this is found out you will be in serious personal danger. Through role playing this may be converted to the Cop Gone Bad quality