A comprehensive list of Custom Contacts

Seattle Description
Andre "The Puppetmaster" Toulan Retired German military man with an addiction to all things in the media
Tia Midori Owner of "Midori Noodle House" and former Wuxing executive
Ok Zamar Troll Mechanic who does a lot of work on bikes for the "Sons of Sauron"
Saotome Gentomi Professional Sumo Trainer and Retired Urban Brawler
Ericka Haimal Receptionist for Channel 1 News
James Crawford-Steele Fitness Trainer and Professional Body-Builder
Mike "Race" Form Human Mechanic who specializes in top-end vehicles and owns a long-running chop-shop
Grizzly Wank Retired Ork member of the "Halloweeners" turned fixer
Ronnie "Whisker" Straits Bartender at "Buffalo Bills" country-western saloon
Steven Gratiano Waiter at suspected Italian mafia restaurant "Momma Mia"
"Flux" Retired Hacker who made her name by hacking the Knight-Errant mainframe and making it open-access for all
Elaine Reiner Librarian in Seattle's largest Library and owner of 6 Master's Degrees
Jorge Sanchez-Limon Ambulance driver for Seattle General, won an award for most calls answered
Andello Mackoni Computer and Comm repair man
Ellen Pram High School Teacher in respectable part of town
"Jooble" Elven member of "Rollin'Hard" go-gangers
Dre Punt Award winning Hip-Hop DJ who travels between clubs
Ben Nattelen Foreman at Seattle's largest Soy refinery
Jerry "Toonz" Alfred Homeless street artist known for amazing Grafitti
Bae Lin High-end Yoga Instructor who only teaches the who's who of women
Daisy Von Cleef Receptionist for EVO
Clay Wallace Receptionist for ARES
Erin Teenan Receptionist for NEONET
Jorgen Klaarn Receptionist for SAEDER/KRUPP
Jaina Granger Receptionist for HORIZON
Sando Minuro Receptionist for MITSUHAMA
Fukase Teruo Receptionist for WUXING
Gerome Garcia-Pagan Receptionist for AZTECHNOLOGY
Dante "Two-Time" Grahdens Bouncer at the Emo club "Slashcut"
"Onewithall" Native Shaman with extreme reverance for Spirits
Gaylord Cisto Cajun Restaurant owner and Voodoo practioner
Trace Major Retired Knight-Errant Narcotics officer
"Jerk the Merc" Retired Military man and Weapons Specialist
"Spooder" Jamaican CorpSec Hacker-for-Hire
Agress Thume Exotic Car Dealer for Uptown clients
Daniel Chandall Narcotics Officer busted down to a Beat cop
"Glazer" Ork drug dealer who 'cooks' his own drugs
Gregg Todd Records keeper at Seattle's City Hall
Toni the Tyga Urban brothel owner and Safehouse Organizer
Sticky Fingaz Jamaican Weed Enthusiast and Fixer