Custom Bioware

Astral Skin Graphs
2 Weeks (+0.1) 15 ¥50,000 per rank
Astral Skin graphs are the worlds first (and thus far ONLY) successful mixture of technology and magic. A sample of DNA is taken from the patient and is recreated using the normal methods, but in the process a highly skilled magician slowly chants mystic energies into the flesh as its coming into being. The result is a slightly enchanted bit of meat that when mounted on the patient slowly heals damage done by installing foreign hardware. In game terms, for each rank of ASGs, the character regains 0.1 essence. Any person can only benefit from this a total of 5 times in their lifetime.

1 Week 0.5 -- ¥70,000
The gene treatment known only by the design name of X2M-554 functions similarly to Adapsin, but with an elevated benefit and slightly higher initial cost. Like its cousin, Adapsin, X2M reduces all essence cost of Cyberware. Where Adapsin reduces the cost of only future installations, X2M affects both new and old installations and where Adapsin reduces that cost by 10%, X2M reduces that cost by 20%. There are multiple trade-offs, though.

X2M cannot commercially be purchased. The company that produced it only made a handful of treatments before they went under due to mysterious circumstances. Some say that X2M was to blame, but nobody knows for sure.

Anyone that has this treatment installed also see their body's metabolism increase so dramatically that they must consume at least twice their normal nutritional intake to maintain their normal energy levels. This also means that any addictions the character has is automatically increased to the next level.