Who am I and what are we about?

At least, as it pertains to me and my group here in the central United States. The group is composed of numerous members over a series of states, but all of the content (including the small forums attached) are open for all to use and comment on. Feel free to create a forum account and join the various discussions that always seem to be going on.

Typically the group meets once a week for 4-6 hours at a time and we are currently running 5th Edition rules, with a few modifications (see House Rules above). We have designed the game around a set of options that befit us and our playstyle more than the standard ruleset, so you are likely to run into something you've yet experienced. As the man once said, "Stay a while and listen!"

In our Custom Stuff section you will find a great deal of addtional content for the game. I admit openly that I am not repsonsible for it all, but hopefully you will find some of the creativeness contained therein to be of some value. Some of it might be considered too strong and some might leave you scratching your head wondering why someone would take that particular thing. Its all part of the experience!

GM resources will provide you with addtional content generated specifically by me and/or my player base. The object(s) of note will be the Mook Generator. The Mook Generator aspires to be a massive program that will allow you swift creation of generic bad guys using a 3-tier system that I based off of the Borderlands series of games, so all archetypes have 3 different 'modes' : Normal, Tough and Bad-Ass. Each one builds a usable and somewhat unique character that will prevent your players from having to kill the same clone over and over again, having mentally committed the stats and such. Also in this section is some information about organized crime elements in various forms, and famous (or infamous, if you please) fixers and their home towns. Feel free to use whatever you like in your home games!

Finally, Quotable Quotes is an excert of things said either at the table or on game day that I find amusing. Most of it will be out of context, but you might find something entertaining there for you.

Either way ... I actively encourage you all to get out there in the game and have fun doing it!